The KAR Limousine service brand first appeared on market in 1996. Founder, which is also the current owner of company – Karel Řikovský, has signed a first contract on a luxury personal transport with 5 start hotel called Prague and that is how he became its official carrier. This hotel had an important role in a history of the company. Among the clients, who have used these services are personalities as Czech and foreing artist,politics and top athletes. Many of them remain loyal and satisfied.

An important milestone in a history of the company was establishing the cooperation with company Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak. With a growing clientele was necessary to modersine and expand the fleet. In the sphere of luxury personal transport was Aud brand obvious choice for KAR Limousine service. Meanwhile, new clients, were coming and our portfolio became wider. There was signed the contract with CPI Hotels company, which is the parent company of several luxury hotels all over the Czech republick. Despite the expansion, KAR Limousine service still keeps the status of family business.

New clients are constantly using services and they join the long – standing customers. We can name for example hotel International (Crowne Plaza Prague) or Chateau Mcely. With growing demand, we expand our range of services provide. Therefore, the company recently came on market with new product KAR Rent a car, which offer possibility of renting a car. Fast-driving lovers will be satisfied by new service KAR experience. New project are planned for future so our clients have always something to look forward to.


The company, brand and quality is always created by people. Most often those, who are in direct contact with clients. In our case, these people are our drivers, professionals who are always able to take care of themselves and who proudly represent our company – and we are really glad for that. Meet them personally and you will see.

All of us will be happy, if you tell us how you were satisfied after our common journeys.We accept constructive criticims and we would love to be even better. You can also use a contact from, which you can find website. Thank you in advance.