Defines if a private jet quick and comfortable transfer to the middle distance, then our new flagship Mercedes S Class is a car that it manages without wings

Due to its size and focus meaningfully combines the ability to provide clients with plush, comfortable ride and transport them safely to their destination.

Experience with us the best limousine in its class.


For this top model car manufacture Audi has always been a characteristic the highest quality and most comfortable prosessing, but at the same time sufficient dynamics blended with maximum safety.

Our clients have chosen Audi A8 Long especially on for a long business trips, or for the most prestigious social events. The exception, but not in moments, such as luxury shopping or trips. For what occasions will you choose it?


For this fundamental model for Mercedes has always characterized the best treatment, but at the same time sufficient dynamics, combined with maximum safety for the client and driver.

Mercedes E our clients have chosen primarily on long business trips, or at the most prestigious social events.

In October we will have 5 brand new E-Class, which just came out.


New class G. Comfortable, powerful new Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Unique Off-Road legend that makes the terrain legend so special.

Whether you’re going into the tough terrain or dense urban traffic Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the perfect companion for your trips.

Made from unique DNA. Made for extreme challenges. Ready to create history.


Vans need not be boring. Want a Mercedes between the vans! Literally. The new generation of class V is in every way a full Mercedes-Benz. For up to eight passengers offers unprecedented driving and on-board comfort and luxury. In the interior, thanks to the modern sleek design with a sporty feel and unprecedented safety and comfort equipment will feel like in the highest class S.

Our clients select Mercedes-Benz V class especially on long business trips, or at the most prestigious social event in the group. The exception, but not in moments, such as luxury shopping or trips. The opportun what you choose it?


Audi A6, which offers not only a comfortable space, quality materials and safety, but thanks to its compactness also emphasize the economic aspects of travel.

Our clients most often Audi A6 during the regular workdays or while they are traveling from airport to the hotel or vice versa, or for getting around town. The car is also very popular among the conference or large business meetings organisers. Which occasion will you choose it for?


Is the youngest piece in our fleet and it offers alernative to Audi A6. This car has a perfect quality with great comfort and safety parameters for passengers. There is also lot of space for passengers.

It is often chosen by patriotic clients or in the moments of giving their children a lift to school. Which occasion will you choose it for?


The spectacular and uncommon American classic for extraordinary occasions. That is the limousine Towncar 120 ‘, produced by American brand Lincoln.

It is very popular among the clients during the special occasions as engagements, weddings and other important celebrations. It is chosen for these events especially thanks to its capacity for up to 8 passengers. Which occasion will you choose if for?

In cooperation with our partners we are able to provide also other capacities and other brand cars, such as minibuses or buses. Please contact us with your preferences and we believe we can satisfy you.